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Georgetown Historic Planning

Downtown/Old Town Overlay Design Guidelines

The purpose of the Downtown and Old Town Overlay Design Guidelines is to provide guidance for improvements to properties within the Downtown and Old Town Historic Overlay Districts in Georgetown, Texas. The Guidelines are for property owners planning exterior alterations, additions to or the rehabilitation of existing buildings. They also apply to the design of new buildings.  While the guidelines provide direction for specific design issues, some basic principles of preservation form the foundation for them.  The following preservation principles apply in Georgetown:

  1. Respect the historic design character of the building.
  2. Seek uses that are compatible with the historic character of the building.
  3. Protect and maintain significant features and stylistic elements.
  4. Preserve key, character-defining features of the property.
  5. Repair deteriorated historic features, and replace only those elements that cannot be repaired.

Council adopted the amended Guidelines on August 14, 2012 by Ordinance 2012-48. Those Guidelines are listed below.


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