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Becoming a Local Landmark

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Landmarks are resources that have been officially recognized by the City of Georgetown for their outstanding historical, cultural, or architectural significance. Properties inside a City historic district are also referred to by priority designations.

Why apply for local landmark status?

Local landmark status protects resources in the following ways:

  • Any building design, alterations, additions, and maintenance to the building, structure, or site must follow the Downtown and Old Town Design Guidelines.
  • Landmarked resources cannot be demolished without approval from the Historic and
    Architectural Review Committee, or HARC.
  • Landmark designation does not affect the use of a property. Land use is regulated by zoning.

What is eligible for landmark status?

A building, structure, or site may receive local landmark designation if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Character, interest, or value because of its unique role in the development, heritage, or cultural characteristics of the City, county, state or nation;
  • Occurrence of a notable historical event;
  • Identification with a person or persons who contributed notably to the culture and development of the City, county, state, nation, or society;
  • Distinctive elements of architectural design, detail material, or craftsmanship that make it an established or familiar visual feature, or the related distinctiveness of a craftsman, master builder or architect, or a style or innovation;
  • Archaeological value in the sense that it can be expected to yield, based on physical evidence, information affecting knowledge of history or prehistory.

How does a historic resource receive a designation of historic landmark?

Designation as a historic landmark requires approval by HARC and City Council. The property owner must be in support of the designation and sign the application. To start the process request a meeting with the City’s historic planner. You can view or download the Historic Landmark Application Checklist.

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